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Kid Cudi and LA artist AUGOR


The phrase Selling Out is the new Keeping it Real in 2009 is manifested in the graffiti world. Kids need to stop showing there faces but props out to AUGOR as he does some sick new designs with Cudi. Joe La Puma of Complex Magazine recent sat down with one of Hip-Hop’s rising stars in Kid Cudi. Discussing a plethora of issues ranging from his involvement with Kanye West to how he views himself alongside another huge up and coming artist in Drake, Cudi reveals some interesting thoughts and approaches. Within these music-related insights comes some deeper looks into Kid Cudi on a personal level including his move from Ohio to New York City. The Kid Cudi Complex cover features the artwork of graffiti artist AUGOR. Snippets of the interview can be seen below while the whole interview can be seen at Complex.com.

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