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NOKIA 3G notebook


Nokia, known best for it’s product line of mobile phones, now adds the netbook to its lineup. The 3G 10-inch netbook, called the Booklet 3G, certainly packs a punch. Offering an HDMI port, Wi-Fi, 3G, an SD card reader, GPS and maps integration, webcam, bluetooth, and a said 12 hour battery life. The Booklet 3G will also sport the Atom Z530 processor instead of the run of the mill N270 we commonly see in netbooks of today. It currently runs on Windows, with an assumed ability to run on the soon to be released Windows 7. An honorable mention is Nokia’s integration of their very own Ovi tools suite. With Ovi tools, the user will have access to Nokia’s maps application, music store and cloud-based Ovi Suite. No price or launch date has be announced yet but Nokia plans on revealing more information on September 2nd.
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