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“What if Maserati made a truck?”

Blurring the fine line of fantasy and reality, designer Andrey Trofimchuk dared to ask, “What if Maserati made a truck?” He answered resoundingly with his own rendition of a Maserati SUV, called the Kuba x-over concept. Maserati is currently not making an SUV, nor do they have any future plans to do so but a guy can dream can’t he? The concept blends perfectly the design language of Maserati with a crossover SUV look. It always amazes me when projects like this come together just due to the sheer scale, vision and design aspects alone. I am very impressed with the finished look of the concept and I certainly can see it on the floor at the next Geneva Auto Show as the next ground breaking concept for Maserati. Congratulations to Andrey for doing something so epic! I would love to see this thing in action!

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